Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Follow-up: Question of the Day: 5/16/17

Follow up to last night's blog....

I'm thinking more about branding the state of Louisiana.  A successful branding campaign such as "Passion of Louisiana" suggested in the previous post would also benefit our state by retaining attracting skilled millennials to live, work, build, and grow Louisiana.   We need new talent and fresh eyes in order to move our state  toward.  state branding could be a very effective tactic for retaining the intelligence feats at our local universities as well as attracting intelligence from surrounding states.  Supporting urbanization projects and embracing changes will move us forward.  For example, devoping the downtown Lafayette area.  Adding condo housing options and walking and biking capabilities to our transportation focus will greatly assist in retaining and attracting professionals to our area that could grow a city, a state, or even a country.  

Branding a state (or even a country) can change the position and competiveness.  It's important to get it right and be effective because the future depends on today.

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