Thursday, May 18, 2017

Question of the Day: 5/18/17

How does the country's largest agricultural export fit into the overall country brand "Essential Costa Rica"?  Is this consistent with the model of sustainability?  Explain.  

Today we toured a pineapple plantation named Pina Albo in Pital, San Carlos. Pina Albo owns over 300 acres of pineapple farms and they purchase pineapples from other farmers to meet their orders. Pina Albo mainly ships pineapples to the United States and to Europe. 

The pineapple manufacturing process is Veey interesting!  The pineapples are first washed with diluted chlorine to kill any bacteria present. The pineapples are then sorted by size and quality. Some stems are removed during the sorting process depending on what the pineapples will be used for and what is its final destination. The cleaned and sorted pineapples are sprayed with a wax mixture to seal the cuts and prevent further damage to its outer shell and finally they are packaged for shipping. The packaged pineapples are maintained at a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit until it reaches the customer.  

Pina Albo exports approximately 10 pallets of packaged pineapples per day for destinations across the US and Europe. 

Costa Rica prides itself on being the largest exporter of pineapples in the world. Pineapple exporting companies can participate in the country branding program to become even more essential and prideful of the ranking of Costa Rica pineapples.  

"Essential Costa Rica" can not only provide a stamp of the country's approval for the manufacturers but also a stamp of quality assurance for the customer. Pineapple manufacturers should seek to be a part of this elite country branding program because as their product is distributed across the globe, the "Essential Costa Rica" logo exposes everyone the product comes in contact with to the values of the great country of Costa Rica. It demonstrates the manufacturers commitment to the environment, ecosystem, etc. it demonstrates the fact that the manufacturer is committed to sustaining all of the country's core values.  

The customer should also insist on the "Essential Costa Rica" country brand. The brand (the logo) ensures the highest quality standards have been met along with other commitments outside of business such as giving back to local communities and environmental compliance.   

The manufacturing of pineapples directly supports the country's sustainability. Sustainability is supported by employing local residents and putting king net back into the local economies. Environmental practices in line with "Essential Costa Rica" requirements focus on ensuring sustainability of the eco system and ensuring protection of the environment.   

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