Sunday, May 14, 2017

Question of the Day:  5/14/17

Compare and contrast the business approaches of La Bella Tica Coffee and Monteverde Natural Cosmetics. Include a discussion of similarities and differences.

I had the privilege of visiting two very amazing local businesses in San Luis, Monteverde today and received an inside view of their similar yet different businesses.  We visited La Bella Tica Coffee and Monteverde Natural Cosmetics.  

La Bella Tica Coffee's farm is currently run by a widow who highly values her late husbands business customs and traditions.  Even the non-profitable parts of their business (like sugarcane) are still carried on in this family operation simply to maintain tradition.  Different family members operate different parts of this business to produce the final coffee product.  They support other local businesses in the area by purchasing recycled paper packaging materials to be used for packaging their final coffee product.   They also get their harvesting baskets which are used to gather the coffee berries from a local basket owner.  The sugar they produce is typically just enough for their family's consumption.  

Monteverde Natural Cosmetics is a family owned and operated business also, but they are a bit more commercialized.  They use advanced manufacturing equipment including custom setting boxes and cutters as well as large commercial mixers.  used for their operation as well as in their marketing and advertising.  Monteverde Natural Cosmetics produces natural, biodegradable cosmetics. They use social media to promote and sell their products and are currently in the process of expanding their product line to include shampoo and face scrub - along with other additional future products.  The owner values formal business practices and is a member of the local business organization where he values the connections he makes with other business owners.

La Bella Tica Coffee and Monteverde Natural Cosmetics are similar in many ways. They are both small, local family-owned businesses in Monteverde, Costa Rica. They both are committed to supporting other local businesses in the area which is pertinent to the sustainability of their business. 

The main difference between these two local businesses is their business plan.  La Bella Tica Coffee is content with their current business and is committed to keeping things the same whereas Monteverde Natural Cosmetics is aggressively seeking opportunities to grape and expand their business.  

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